Hotfix v1.32.1
  • General Bug fixes and Improvements
  • General UI/UX fixes
Version 1.32
  • Redesigned the Add-ons page
  • Added the ability to delete Subscription Groups
  • Added the ability on Affiliates modules to select the payout method
  • Added the ability to select which days the Grab and Go location works
  • Added the ability to add an internal name to meals, ingredients and sub-recipes
  • Added the ability to edit "Included Surcharge Meals" per subscription plan
  • Created a billing page where you can manage all your subscriptions, see receipts and update card information for Sprwt payments
  • General UI/UX fixes
Hotfix v1.31.6
  • General Bug fixes and Improvements
  • General UI/UX fixes
Hotfix v1.31.5
  • Fixing By The Pound Quantity
  • Adding a check before sending sms messages
  • Added the ability to use a logo in footer
  • Added included surcharge meals option to subscription plan price creation
  • Added +info button on "A la Carte" module
  • Added the ability to add margins on "Two Cols" module - Pages
  • General Bug fixes and Improvements
  • General UI/UX fixes
Naming Ingredients for Client view
Hotfix v1.31.4
  • Added the ability to change text and background color on "Separator" module - Pages
  • General bug fixes and improvements
  • General UI/UX fixes
Updated Server Maintenance

Start: 2023-01-12 00:00 UTC
End: 2023-01-12 04:00 UTC

During the above window, we will be performing maintenance on core switches in our datacenter as part of network upgrades.

Expected Impact:

Inbound and outbound traffic for Droplet-based services may experience a few brief interruptions as traffic is isolated from core switches being upgraded. This impact would be for a duration of 5 to 10 minutes and could occur a few times within the maintenance window. Our team will make every effort to seamlessly drain traffic in order to limit customer impact.

If you have any questions related to this issue please send us a ticket from your Sprwt admin dashboard.

Thank you,
Team Sprwt

Hotfix v 1.31.2

Fixing proposals minimum value validation error
Fixing By The Pound unit ID
Only showing macros config for modules that are enabled
Fixed abandon cart emails loop
Fixed a bug with subscription plans and changing delivery dates mid-plan
General UI/UX fixes

Hotfix v 1.31.2
  • Added the possibility to edit "Included Surcharge Meals" per subscription plan
  • Improvements to Subscription Meal Selection UI
  • General UI/UX fixes
Version 1.31.0
  • Added Ability to import Users, Subrecipes and meals
  • Added Affliate System
  • Fixed report meals by customer
  • New Onboard Setup page
  • Added new stats page - Ordering Metrics
  • Improved Meal selection modal
  • Added background color to Two cols and image pages widget
  • Improved SMS delivery functionality
  • Fixing Equipments in ordering system and in proposals
  • General UI/UX fixes
Hotfix v1.30.6
  • Added Profit Margin Percentage on meals list and also added tooltips to address what values are
  • Added to possibility to change dimensions on Hero Right and Hero Left Module - Pages
  • Fixed issue that would hide the main menu title when a submenu was active on profile
  • General UI/UX fixes
Hotfix V1.30.03

Fixed a bug with Custom Meal Buidler not changing dates

Version 1.30
  • Fixed sort by date on gift cards page
  • Added search bar to Stripe payments page
  • Created profit and loss report
  • Significantly improved sales reports loading speeds
  • Added ability to edit recurring messages
  • Added last name and email field to blog author
  • Added permissions to sales report and stripes reports
  • Launched Proposal System and Catering Checkout As
  • Fix plan price giving error with a completely valid price
  • Fixed next delivery dates not showing on menus association
  • General UI/UX fixes
Hotfix v.1.29.6
  • Fixed issue that would prevent users from cancel/pause subscriptions if Subscription Reasons were disabled
  • Addons page now available from admin menu
  • General UI/UX fixes
Hotfix 1.29.4
  • Fixed issue on Meal Selection modal that after clicking the +info button and after closing would not allow to scroll threw the meals
  • Fixed issue on Stock managment that wouldn't show accurate stock
  • Added the breakdown per ordering module to Sales report
  • Removed the checkouts with $0 that were being counted in the delivery sales breakdown report
  • Showing the catering meals images on checkout as
  • Edit the social image (SEO) on landing pages
  • Fixed subscription meals selection issues
  • Added more helpful information to subscription list for when a subscription is on Manual Renewal
  • General UI/UX fixes
Delete Recipes
Hotfix V1.28.9
  • Added the possibility to adjust columns reversal across all devices on the pages module "two-cols-image-text
  • Fixed issue that would prevent users from deleting blog posts
  • Improved Gift Card admin page with more useful data
  • General UI/UX fixes
Hotfix v1.28.8

Fixed Meal Expiration Bug if value was NULL, default is now set to 0 if no value
Fixed Dropdown error in header menu and profile icon
General UI/UX Fixes

Hotfix v1.28.7

Fixed display issues of fees on customer receipt
Fixed a bug with cancelled subscriptions renewing after renewal date when paused
General UI/UX fixes

Hotfix v1.28.5
  • Total Meals per Week: Weeks * Days - on Subscription choose - client side
  • Preselect the last card added stripe on the carts
  • Rename "Processing fees" and formula on Fees Report (didn't hide the values cuz they are showing those like the screenshot i sent)
  • Allow to enable Bulk Edit button once one item is selected (added a tooltip as well)
  • Fixed meal category bug in previous release
Version 1.28.3

Improved responsiveness on the Top Bar on Cart header.
Improved responsiveness on the Portions Selections.
Improved responsiveness on the Macros Styling.
Fixed an error that shows when the driver has no permission to access the Dashboard.
Removed add to cart button across all ordering modules.
Improved mobile responsiveness across all devices
Added a placeholder for the event time
Editing the text and size of the Labor and Equipment in Catering
Fixed Subscription Modal Close Functionality
Fixed portion selection on modal for meals
Added text to random select meals button
Improved meal cards on mobile
Fixed an issue with the pausing a subscription modal
Added proceed to cart button on top of cart page
Increased text of cart in mobile
Removed delivery/pickup duplicated info on mobile
Added horizontal scroll to shopping list tables
Added help buttons on mobile
Refactored extras slides
Fixed Sales Reports icons and texts overlay on reports
Fixed Duplicate Subtypes menus on MealsByUnit
Icons and texts on the front header
Improved Checkout As Functionality
Added Coupon Selection to Checkout As Right Sidebar
General UI/UX fixes

Improving the "Pause" subscription feature
Labor Costing
Being ablo to add aditional charges to customers
Hotfix 1.27.5
  • Released catering platform with improved UX
  • Fixed a bug with meal recipes not showing proper categories
  • Fixed a UI issue that showed incorrect values on Fees page
  • Improve renew function to not renew the plan for closed dates
  • Launched Equipment and Labor function for Event management
  • Fixed a bug where Retail Stock Management would not show
  • Fixed an error with Checkouts showing service fee that wasnt paid to customer
  • Fixed a UI bug with Subscription Selection on Mobile
  • Fixed issue where a label type was removed (2x4 thermal)
  • Add value of the charging fees to stats page admin
  • Added new feature for custom charge in checkout as module
Hotfix 1.27.3

Added Labor & Equipment to Catering System
Fixed Customer Details Not Showing At Checkout As
Fixed Billing Information Validation Bug on Checkout As
Fixed Checkout As showing Catering days that doesn't have meals
General Bug Fixes and UI Improvements and Grammar

Version 1.27
  • Ability to create custom charges with Checkout As Module
  • Create lead forms for catering, fitness information, or whatever needs
  • Created feature where you can pass on the processing fees to the customer instead of you as the kitchen paying (default is Kitchen - as is)
  • Launching the Catering Ordering Module
  • General bug fixes and UI improvements
+/- button automatically adds to cart when ordering
Hotfix 1.26.7

Add text to continue to cart button on subscription meal selection on profile
4x2 thermal label increase customer name font size
Add the Customer's Sign Up Date on Admin > User Profile
Fix total meals received not matching the actual value on user profile subscription
Fix bulk editing price meals not working on pagination
Added the ability to select to edit multiple pages at same time
Fix an error with the meal reminder trigger email (days)

Hotfix v1.26.6
  • Fixed missing Signup button in mobile.
  • Fixed meals portions not showing if the user is not logged in.
  • Fixed recurring sms system
  • Fixed portions not showing if the user is not logged in
  • Enjoy by date format now configured to system settings.
  • Refund button on checkout order now links to stripe payment information
  • Fixed optin sms and email modal
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