Hello, this is a follow up from a previous post I saw concering having more options with the labels that go on the meals. ***This would GREATLY lower errors made when meals are being plated and packed in the bags.*** If each meal has its own design, it will stand out and the meal name would be a lot more LEGIBLE. The current labels are so small and extremely difficult to read. In the example images below, it is easy to distiguish between different categories of meals as well. So STANDARD MEALS will not get mixed up with their LOW CARB version for instance. The text is also very legible. I sent a support email about this and I was told I could export the labels to edit this. That would create an unnecesary step when labeling and would slow down productiity significantly. I also doesn't address the issue of the text being too small and the current design of the labels not being eye-catching. More aesthically pleasing labels would greatly improve our marketing, thereby increasing sales. This is beneficial to not only us but to Sprwt as well. Here are a few suggestions to take into consideration: * The ability to change the font, font size, font color, boldness, italics, capitalize different elements on the label; such as, the meal title, description, ingredient and macros. * The ability to change the logo size and placement * The ability to print labels in different sizes Thank you very much, Hope to see this feature soon, FIT PREP