Improving the "Pause" subscription feature

Hey team, we are once again having some issues with the un-pause feature on our subscription accounts. I know that the Sprwt team had tried to modify the unpause feature so that all dates in the past were blocked off from clients when they were choosing a day to resume renewals, but for some reason it is allowing clients to select days in the past, which obviously then will not renew properly. Also, I think that it would be incredibly helpful on this page to have two buttons: * One that says clear and simple "resume plan Now/today" which would **automatically charge their account and create a new subscription renewal at that same time**, exactly the same as what happens when our plans renew overnight to kickstart the new week. * One that says “select future date to resume plan,” where they could select a date in the future (ie. after their vacations) to automatically start their renewals again As of now, if the client selects the current day for their next renewal, their plan actually will not renew properly since the payment renewals for the current they have already processed first thing that morning. So technically they have to select tomorrow's date in order to catch the overnight renewal cycle properly which is very confusing to try to explain to a customer! 99% of the time if the client goes on to their account to un-pause their subscription, they want it unpaused right there and then so that an order comes to them that following week. We get a lot of feedback from our clients who are using the pause feature that it is very odd that they have to unpause their account, wait a full 24 hours for their account to hit the next renewal cycle, then be able to jump online and pick the meals. Sometimes this process even caused him to miss the order deadline altogether. I think it would be really cool if when the customer actually presses pause on their account initially, that they are presented with a screen that automatically asked them when they would like their next payroll to process (the calendar screen that currently pops up when they choose to un-pause their account). This way if a client goes to pause their account, they can preset the day that they want their subscription to resume. This would obviously create a system that prevents clients from simply forgetting to unpause their account which directly would lead to more sales for our business. If the customer could preset their unpause date very intuitively for two weeks ahead after their vacation ends, this might prevent them from accidentally missing the order date for the week they get back ( = more sales for us and better customer experience!)