Labels (manual printing)

I am just about to Go Live with Sprwt and think it's a great system so far. I think one of the main issues I've had is with labels. When printing manual labels, you cannot queue labels, meaning for example, if I wanted to print 2 labels of a particular meal, it would take up 2/10 labels on my A4 sheet, leaving 8 spare blank labels wasted. I know on the Order labels you can select where you would like to start printing (colums/rows) but nothing available for manual labels which create alot of extra labour and actually makes manual labels counter-productive. My suggestion would be someway for me to add some manual labels to a queue of somesort, then print them all in one go (just like we do with the order labels!). Hope that makes sense! PS. I upvoted another post about how the labels look visually - big plus for me! Being able to add a barcode or even an image of a barcode would be ace too - but you know about my wish for that one Michael ;)