Organize packaging slips + meals-by-customer report by "Meal Category" and alphabetical

Hey Team, as we use our packing slips and our meals by customer report, we were wondering if there's anyway that Sprwt could change the organization of our packing slips based off of: -> Meal category -> then alphabetical As of right now the default seems to be to organize them by ID #, which is kind of useless from our business perspective (and I’m sure most other Sprwt users as well), since there is not really a pattern to how the meals show up for picking and fulfilment purposes. Right now our breakfasts are mixed in with the entrees, and it will become even more haphazard when we launch out desserts and snacks (makes more sense for us to sell them as “meals” than as “extras”) It would be much handier if for example, all of the breakfasts were organized together, the entrees together, and desserts all together on the packing slip etc., since our packagers have to grab certain meal categories from certain areas of the fridge/kitchen. Please let me know if this might be possible!