Setting: Select how many delivery menu ITEMS to display within SAME MENU PAGE!

A General Setting similar to the existing on How Many deliverys in the future to display but regarding to Displayed Items MENUS! We currently show on top the menu Delivery dates. People click and display menus. Why do we need this? To create Smart Menus. I can have a total of 30 Items menu per week. Split on 3 different delivery dates. While kitchen only need to cook 10 meals per shift people can still be aware there is a total of 30 options trough out the week! Currently if I have 1 menu on next delivery and a different menu on a future date, MOST people wont be aware of it as the normal behavior is to see the MENU DISPLAYED in page! I am picturing as check out receipt when they purchase for 2 days. Header shows Date and below items. Underneath youll find the other delivery dates and itemes. If we could setting select HOW MANY MENUS DAYS to show in same page, people will see DATE and MEALS, bellow DATE and meals! and choose from those menus what they need (allong with minimum qty cart settings) This will help business grow as we have variety withouth sacrificimg kitchen efficiency or visceversa.