add credit to existing customers account

Add an “add credit to friend/family’s account” dropdown where “order” and “purchase gift card” are already located on the home page. The “add credit to friend/family’s account” drop down would prompt a checkout screen with a “user id” and “name of subscriber” field and credit card info/amount the person is gifting. The family member/friend could then enter in the existing subscribers user ID number and name, if they match (eliminating mix ups) the system will allow a credit card check out and trigger the amount paid into that user's balance. This would be beneficial in the instance that a family member is sick or lost a loved one and family want to set up a "meal train" idea where instead of receiving meals from various restaurants that the friend/family might not want or have allergies preventing them from eating the food dropped off. We've done this twice now but required manual work of sending a gift card to the subscriber and then me (the business owner) goes in and cancels the gift card and adds the amount to the subscribers profile. The way above a family member organizing a "meal train" can send an email/post with the “add credit” link with the user ID and name, thus eliminating a long phone call and manual work for the admin. Thanks for considering,