Make the pause feature less confusing for clients

We get a lot of feedback about the new pause feature being very confusing and complicated, basically defeating the purpose of having such a valuable feature in the first place, and unfortunately, it doesn't really work how it should. Here are some explanations: - as of now, if a client selects the "pause for one week" option (and same for two weeks), depending on which day of the week they selected, it might not actually pause their weekly orders at all (and for the two week option, it would only pause one order not two). - In the picture, if a client paused their subscription on this day for one week, they should expect that apart from their upcoming sunday delivery (that's what the skip is for), their account would be paused for one delivery after the upcoming delivery. However, since their plan would be set to renew after their one week is done, this would mean their account would renew while the order window is still open for the following delivery. This would cause an order to be created for the week of the 29th, which means that no actual deliveries were paused (their renewal was just postponed to later in the week. - Not only does this not actually pause a delivery, it effectively throws off their renewal schedule unless we manually adjust the renewal dates to get them back on our normal Monday renewal schedule. I think why this becomes so confusing is that the skip and pause features are different. Here is an example of another company where they are the same and particular weeks in the future can be pre-skipped or paused, which simply blocks the renewal from taking place before that delivery. SO simple! I'm sure it is a hard fix, but the current pause system is wildly confusing (even for us as owners trying to navigate and explain!), so please have someone external try to walk with it with y'all and get their input from a UX perspective!! Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 10.15.44 AM