Labor Costing

We would like to have the ability to include a labor cost field in minutes hours or dollars for ingredient, sub-recipes, and recipes. If broccoli takes 15 minutes to breakdown a case of 20lbs (46 seconds per pound * $X per hour) we want to aggregate that If broccoli soup takes 20 minutes to make a batch of 20 servings * $X per hour we want to aggregate that as well if a broccoli soup meal takes X time to plate we want to know the same.. Currently we are cheating with an ingredient called "Awesome" (since we didnt want labor to appear on the label LOL). We have a few sub-recipes breaking "Awesome" (1 hour of labor) down into minutes and second so they pull through the relationship. This is working well. we just want to be able to hide "Awesome" From the label lol thank you