Beter Macro Graphs

Would love to see the macro graph under meal selection's range be based on the days per week and meal count. EG IF: AVG Daily recommended caloric intake is 2,250 Calories = (Calories) IF: Customers Selects meals for 5 days = (Days) IF: Customer Selects 2 meals per day = (MDay) IF: Sum of Meals selected calorie count = (CalCt) WEEKLY MEAL GRAPH THEN: Days X Calories = Range for Calorie meter THEN: CalCt = Graph indicator line Repeat the same for all macros This would be useful and help in sales. Prospect gets potential FOMO when not filling up their daily nutritional needs and thinks they need to buy more You could also do a daily breakdown to show how many more meals they could select in order to reach their desired nutritional outcome. One could also include some prompts, warnings or indicators that state if a customer is consuming less than the average number of calories needed they will achieve a degree of weight loss or weight gain