Scanning Into Bags

Have a utility that allows a packer to scan barcodes generated on meal labels when scanning them into a bag or box for delivery. Would mitigate mispick scenarios when packing in bulk. EG When all meals are finished and in cooler and the order selection crew come in to pack bags or boxes they are prompted with their customer list in stop sequence. They select the invoice and proceed to scan the bag being used, then each item located in the order based on the barcode on the meals. Meal barcodes would be a standard 12 digit UPC or even better the barcode on the meals in GS1 format. This way we could embed the packed date, enjoy by date, serial number, item number, and order number. When using GS1 standards its easy to setup prompts when its not only the wrong product but the wrong customer, old inventory ETC. You can also manage and view packer productivity with the date being ingested here and track back mispicks directly to the employee involved :)