Selecting subscription meals + skipping weeks in the future

One of the most common requests we have from our largely subscriber based clientel is to be able to select meals ahead of time for future weeks, rather than having to wait for the renewal to process first, and secondly to be able to skip future weeks. My dream would be for the client to be able to click "Select Subscription Meals" (or each companies equivalent) which would lead them to their meal selection page. Here, each week could be displayed that your business have an active menu for (or only two weeks for example, if you only allow them to see two weeks ahead), and they could pick their meals for those upcoming weeks. If they choose to pick their meals ahead of time, then they would just be charged for those meals as if their subscription was renewed and their renewal cycle would move forward until after that delivery. Secondly on this page, if the client could simply select "Skip Delivery" as a second option to selecting their meals, that would make the skipping system much more intuitive. Wether it means actually allowing the client to skip ahead to future weeks, and this is till out of the question, then at least be able to skip the current week.